Using Google Places To Advertise Your Business Free.

Advertise your business Free on Google places

Advertise your business Free on Google places

Choosing how to get your business advertised on the internet is not an easy decision. There are so many different advertising platforms offering you incredulous amounts of traffic in exchange for large amounts of money of your advertising budget. A free and under utilised advertising platform called Google Places has many benefits and the best of all : its free!

If you advertise your business with Google Places it will not cost you a cent. Online advertising cost money, for example Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Google Ads can seriously eat into your advertising budget if you’re not careful plus there’s a large learning curve required before you likely see any success.

This is not the case with Google Places advertising

What you need to know and fully understand is that Google Places is owned by Google. Now that’s fairly obvious right but think about  the benefits for your business. Google is by far the most popular and frequently used search engine in the world, over 70% of all searches on the internet is trough Google.

Millions of people use Google’s search engine every day to help them find the information they need. Not only that but Google are constantly tweaking and testing their search engine algorithm to ensure they give people the exact information they are searching for.

Now imagine how having a strong presence on the first page of Google’s search engines can benefit your business. Increased visibility on Google equals potentially massive exposure. Increased exposure on the first page of Google’s search engine will ensure surges of highly targeted traffic to your Google Places listing.

A huge advantage of using Google Places is that it’s very easy to set up your listing. If you know how to type and operate a mouse then you’ve got the essential skills required to set up a basic listing Everything is step-by-step although there are certain insider strategies you need to be aware of to maximize the effectiveness of your Google Places ad.

Hopefully after reading this article you now understand the key benefits of getting your business listed on Google Places. Considering it’s free, owned by the number one search engine in the world and easy to set-up the decision to choose Google Places as part of your overall marketing strategy is an easy one to make.

Would you like to learn everything you’ll ever need to know how to setup your own Google Places ad? Are you interested in some o ‘insider secrets’ to help maximize the visibility of your ad and send droves of customers through your doors?

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