3 Ways To Cut Your Online Advertising Costs

Reducing Internet Advertising Costs

Reducing Internet Advertising Costs

One of the main things that eats into a business budget is advertising costs. With the struggling economy it’s important to ensure your business stays afloat. Cutting advertising costs is an option many business owners consider but struggle to implement because they rely on advertising to increase exposure and bring in revenue. Here are three steps you can take to save money on your business advertising whilst still ensuring your business is being actively promoted.

Using Yellow Pages advertising is a very popular marketing strategy to get your business in front of lots of eyeballs. It’s a trusted resource used by many advertisers and consumers.

However the costs of placing an ad in Yellow Pages when compared with many other forms of advertising doesn’t really give you value for your investment.

Combine that with the sometimes extended time it takes for your ad to be approved and sent live can be very frustrating. At first impression Yellow Pages seems a sound investment for your advertising. However, just by scratching the surface you’ll discover that it’s not a viable option for businesses with limited budgets that need to increase their exposure as quickly as possible.

There are many internet marketing consultants available for hire and they’re generally easy to find. Most of them charge extortionate rates for doing the bare minimum of work. Sure they know the techniques for getting you on the first page of the search engines, but what they dont tell you is that there is NO Guarantee that you actually will appear at the top of page one in Google. (Google talks about this on their blog)

However once you achieve  Page One, you’ll need to stay there and that invariably requires more work. This in turn requires paying your internet marketing consultant more money. There has to be an easier and more cost-effective of doing things and luckily for you there is.

Google Places is a little-known online resource that allows you to get more exposure for your business, drive customers through your doors and increase your bottom line. It’s completely free (with no catches) and enables you to create your own business listing in no time at all. As your business is advertised online by the most popular search engine on the planet you can guarantee maximum exposure 24 hours a day, even while you sleep!

As already discussed you don’t need to spend lots of money on a Yellow Pages Ad or an internet marketing consultant to promote your business offline and on the world wide web. What’s more many business owners don’t even know Google Places exists so by placing your listing on there you’re immediately at an advantage over your competition.

To discover more about the huge advantages of advertising your business on Google Places and get access to a simple, step-by-step system to create and position your Google Places Ad for maximum effect then contact me.